Grubly allows for the dignity in purchasing groceries instead of essentially panhandling at food banks or pantries. The idea is to remove the stigma, humiliation, and danger of standing in food lines; to strip out the shame in saying “I'm hungry” and to ensure no one goes hungry in America. Grubly accomplishes this by making food social and being hungry unshameful.

Grubly creates a communal environment which, by the provisions it provides, eliminates the social shaming of food scarcity ultimately leading to the end of food instability while improving the self esteem of people experiencing a difficult time.

Provides the means to purchase the food people need without the societal blemish of pleading for a handout at a food bank or pantry, on a street corner, at a welfare office or going hungry to avoid any or all of those.

Bridges gaps when Federal, State, and local food provision services fail to deliver, don't provide enough or are inadequate, neglect to appropriately qualify and therefore deny, or run out.

Don't be a sheeple blindly following the herd.

A better brand of technology and infotainment has emerged...
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