Though we live in an increasingly digital world, we also all realize that writing by hand isn’t going away. It still has multiple benefits, including improving memory and creativity. But conventional pens also bring with them the detriment of discomfort and hand cramping.

Enter PalmPens! A revolutionary new pen design that not only abolishes the cramping issue, but makes a fashion statement while doing so. Cutting edge technology allows for an upscale writing experience with pens that can be personalized and are adaptable, interchangeable and collectible.

Available in several sizes for different hands, PalmPens delivers ink in a true multi-color fashion, and has a myriad of accessories and associated products. The excitement has transcended the Pens themselves and is embodied in a full cast of cartoon characters residing in a comic book series.

Don't be a sheeple blindly following the herd.

A better brand of technology and infotainment has emerged...
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