Let’s face it. America’s system of paid sick leave is a disaster...

More than 37 million American workers aren’t entitled to a single paid sick day. That’s about how many people live in the entire country of Canada. And often, even if companies do offer paid sick days, it’s not enough to cover more extended illnesses—so tens of millions of workers end up running out.

This leaves them with a choice: Do I go into the office with a cough or a fever, or do I stay home and miss a paycheck—a paycheck I might need to make rent and food, or to cover my deductible.

It’s a choice millions of people simply can’t afford to make. So they end up going to work when they are sick putting their office and even a building at risk.

And that's not the worst of it. Far too often people lose their jobs because they are so sick they can’t leave home.

Year after year, most people dont use their sick days. In fact, ¾ of workers dont use even half their allotted sick days. But, when that time comes and you absolutely need them, there are not enough available to see you through the worst of times.

It makes no sense. How is it that millions of workers have sick days they never use and those that are in the most need, never have enough sick days ?

What a mess.

Well, what if we could start cleaning it up? What if we could combine all those sick days together ? What if we could pool sick days across companies ? So that rather than being limited to the usual 20 days of sickleave, by combining them all together we could DOUBLE THE NUMBER OF SICK DAYS THAT EVERYONE HAS AVAILABLE ?

Enter SickBank, the first-ever national reserve of unused paid sick days, designed to make sure everybody wins.

With SickBank, workers win with an additional 20 sick days available to them EACH YEAR.

With SickBank companies win because they can offer a more equitable and compassionate sick day program, at a minimum cost, leading to a healthier and happier workforce...

Don't be a sheeple blindly following the herd.

A better brand of technology and infotainment has emerged...
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